Flat Pulley

The pulley is a simple machine used to lift heavy objects and save effort.

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The pulley is a small wheel with grooves on the periphery and capable of rotating around an axis. A simple machine that can rotate around the central axis, which is composed of a grooved disk that can rotate around the central axis and a flexible cable that spans the disk, is called a pulley.




Pulley classification


Fixed pulley

When using a pulley, a pulley whose shaft position is fixed is called a fixed pulley.


Moving pulley

A pulley whose shaft position moves with the object being pulled is called a moving pulley.


Pulley block

The pulley block is assembled by multiple movable pulleys and fixed pulleys.

Basic information of pulley


Fixed pulley, movable pulley, pulley block (or divided into single pulley, double pulley, three pulley, four pulley and even multiple pulleys).


Wooden pulley, steel pulley and engineering plastic pulley, which can be made of various materials according to actual requirements.


Pull the load, change the direction of force, transmit power, etc.Connection method: hook type, chain link type, wheel type, ring type and chain type, oblique pull type, etc.


Features: Fixed pulleys cannot save effort, and regardless of the rope weight and the friction between the rope and the wheel, no matter where the force direction of the string is, the force used to lift the heavy object is the same, because the power arm and resistance The arms are all equal and equal to the radius of the pulley.

Fixed pulley

Definition 1: When using a pulley, the pulley whose shaft position moves with the object being pulled is called a movable pulley.
Definition 2: If a heavy object is directly hung on a pulley, the pulley will also rise when the weight is lifted. Such a pulley is called a movable pulley.

Moving pulley

A pulley device composed of fixed pulleys and movable pulleys. It saves effort and can change the direction of force. But work cannot be saved, because the pulley block saves effort, but it takes a long time. In order to save and change the direction of power, the fixed pulley and the movable pulley can be combined into a pulley block.

Pulley block

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